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3 trends in AI & big data development

Gartner has just released more previsions regarding the way we interact with data, or better yet, how data governs our life and businesses, and why we need data democracy & literacy. 3 have sparked our interest, considering our passion for machine learning and AI integrations:

  1. Data literacy will become a KPI

Continuous analytics is the name of the game when dealing with data flows, processes and business intelligence, so much so that Gartner predicts by 2021, conversational analytics + NLP (natural language processing) as boosters for insights and analytics at all levels. With machine learning growing exponentially, the competitive advantage in the market will be the ability to understand analytics, draw science-based conclusions and move in fast structures. So data literacy is key. How data literate is your company? Better be prepared!

2. Multi-cloud & open source

From centralized data to hybrid ways of storing and updating data in multi-clouds, and even accessing open source platforms to leverage collaboration - that's what the close future has in store for us. It's all about having control and flexibility, descentralizing data and learning form different patterns inside and outside companies. Moreover, with established visualization formats that will gather data from a lot of sources, so that all levels involved in the business-decision processes know how to understand them.

3. AI systems powered by humans and bots

Platforms will develop and transform into systems of data management, ruled by human and non-human alike. Researchers, analysts, managers together with bots, algorithms and machine learning features will work together to recreate the ecosystem and make it more accessible to other humans. It's a very democratic and "humanistic" view on technology and we're happy to hear about it!

If you want to explore more, read all about it here.  

Alice Teodorescu

Alice Teodorescu

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3 trends in AI & big data development
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