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A software app’s journey: from idea to launch

You have a great idea for an app? An innovative software product which will solve a lot of problems and might just be your ''retirement'' plan? Or at least pave the path to an independent lifestyle?

Your next step is to jump to development and then launch your product and watch the magic happen, this since there will be plenty of eager users wanting to get their hands on it.

Hold up..✋🏻

6 points checklist for custom app development

Sharpen your axe for 4 hours before cutting for 6 hours

Abraham Lincoln said something similar. Good planning takes the credit for 60% of your success, maybe even more.
One thing we know for sure: no plan, no gain. Unless you are incredibly lucky and intuitive or find a goldfish during your brainstorming sessions. Storytelling aside,


  1. Check and use similar apps from your competitors? What is their users’ feedback?
  2. Research your target audience? Are you among them? -> you’re lucky if that’s the case and if so, would you use it? Tough one, we know
  3. Check if your app idea is scalable? Can your business grow and adapt to this ever changing software world?
  4. Calculate your return on investment? 💰 When do you expect profit and will it be all worth it in the end?
  5. Research app development companies?
  6. Check how you will spread the word about your app?

Details, details?

After-all the important thing is to have the app done, to actually see it in action and all the other matters can be performed in parallel, or after the launch…
Alright, maybe we convinced you that some of these points do make sense to handle during the planning phase, before diving into creating the product.

At messBusters we don’t necessarily follow this order since apps can come to us in all shapes, sizes and development stages. Still, we have these aspects in mind for any software project we work on. Why?

Simple. An app’s success is ours as well and we value long term client relationships.

Product planning and development services go hand in hand

Running your own business, worrying about bills, accounting, deadlines, coordinating activities for events, sales and future plans - 24 hours in a day just won’t cut it (did we mention sleep?) 🙄. Developing a successful software product might seem like a steep path, especially the success part. However, quality development can take care of most challenges and let you cover some of the other details while your product is safely ''baking'' in the development company's secured ''oven''.

Plan. Prepare. Proceed. Pursue.

No entrepreneur should go about single handedly with these steps, there is just too much ground to cover and a vast diversity of skills needed, not to mention time.

Software project planning

The completed app is just the tip of the iceberg

If the target for your product includes you as a final user then you certainly made this part easier as far as defining the product, the problems it will solve or solutions it will bring.
If you are thinking of a software product for which you see a great market instead but not necessarily that you will use it, it is still a good way to go, even if you are addressing a current demand or our favorite: creating a new demand on the market.

Both scenarios require in-depth market research. The features of a future software product need to be tailored for your users but also built according to current software trends in design, user experience, security, among others.

Get over the preparation hump

Sounds like a chapter from planning but it’s quite different. Now that you know your competition, how they made it work, who your users will be and how you will position your product on the market, it is time to design your product.
No, no, it’s not just putting together designer wireframes or colorful mockups. The product’s specifications, requirements, manual of instructions if you may call it, that is an essential step and all details need to be considered and among them:

  • Best development technologies
  • Functionality flow
  • Security
  • Third party integrations
  • Scalability
  • User experience
  • User interface

And then we can think about colors 😉

Estimates for the work involved are put down in this phase and discussed, tasks prioritized and deliveries scheduled.

Proceed. Development time!

Plan is done and well documented, marketing strategy is in place, the app’s specs are flawless and first delivery date is set.

Well blow your whistle because it’s development time.

Now is the break you’ve been looking for, a time to think of future plans and discuss promotion possibilities, arrange events, setting up social media accounts if you want to.
Meanwhile the development team will be working according to a set schedule making sure that your app is delivered on time & on budget.

Launch in 3, 2, 1.. 🚀

At this stage your product is ready for release, all matters were taking into account and the app is ready to get into the hands of its first official users (assuming there were beta users before).
Pursue now your initial vision when you first thought of the app or improving an existing one. You have the tools, the knowledge, and dedicated development support.
Put your app out there and follow the scheduled marketing plan, monitor , measure, improve, address feedback, grow your business further.

Easier said (or written) than done? We did it, our clients did it and thousands of other entrepreneurs have. With a great idea, proper planning, a clear set of next steps and a high quality developed application you will notice that it’s only a matter of time.

A software app’s journey: from idea to launch
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