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Busting the GDPR mess

After four years of cooking, the GDPR is out of the oven and will start to be enforced on 25 May 2018. Starting with this date, any company that does not comply may face heavy fines, so we had to prepare all of our ventures for this.

We believe that this new legislation is a great way to protect regular people that stay on the internet using so many services, without reading or understanding the long and infamous Terms and Conditions or Privacy Policy of the platforms they are using. Truth be told, who has time to read all that lawyer crap?

The EU now requires that everything is out in the open, and for every single piece of personal information that gets stored or processed, there is a track record showing that the visitor has explicitely agreed to this, after reading a very friendly short summary describing why this information is needed.

We're implementing the GDPR eCommerce compliance changes for arhidesign.ro and have learned a lot in the process. Moreover, in distributed eCommerce, we are ensuring that plug&paid can offer the much-needed tools for its sellers, so they can be GDPR compliant as well. This is a much more difficut task, as it adds a new layer of complexity.

Meanwhile, to ensure all future ventures are compliant, we are making heavy changes to our way of working and tools, to ensure we can launch "GDPR-ready" products without head aches.

Stay tuned, to learn more about what we're doing and where we're going!

Emy Cârlan

Emy Cârlan

Co-founder & CEO of messBusters. Product manager and serial entrepreneur with a burning passion for innovation and success.

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Busting the GDPR mess
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