We are product people

One thing that makes us different from most Software Development companies is that we care a lot (maybe too much) about the user's experience. Let me explain this in more detail.

Most companies are so worked up with processes and meeting deadlines that the product that comes out is just enough to meet their client's requirements. Basically, the design is based around the client/CEO expectations or what the "requirements document says" (in the best cases) or around the developer's logic model (one of the worst cases).

While taking care that the entrepreneur needs are met and ensuring there's no architecture design flaw, we always keep our focus on the user's perspective - the guy that spends most of the time using the result of our labor. His or her experience has to be free of friction, must not hurt the eye (or the brain) and must use the existing brain patters that most people have developed already.

Cart experience

Let me give you an example on how the "add to cart" process works on Amazon, Walmart and our custom-made Arhi Design shop. The visitor wants to add a few pieces to the cart:


I don't know about you guys, but I hate it when I get redirected to another page every time I add something to the cart. While it might decrease cart abandonment rates, it's a lot less frustrating for the shopper, who has to waste precious seconds waiting for the next screen to load, then waiting again to go back to more shopping. In our case, you might want to check out the related products section just by scrolling some more.

I know a lot of industry people will disagree with me, but I feel strongly that we gain points on the branding and loyalty side: the visitor is more likely to come back to shop from the same place, when the whole experience is without friction.

When I spend time shopping, I like to spend it on browsing through the products instead of looking at my cart every few seconds, don't you?

Emy Cârlan

Emy Cârlan

Co-founder & CEO of messBusters. Product manager and serial entrepreneur with a burning passion for innovation and success.

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We are product people
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