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On sharing knowledge

How do people express themselves in today's world?

  • by writing (actual typing of text, in books, blogs, forums, social media and so on);
  • by speaking (vlogging, public speaking, standups etc.);
  • through art (paining, photography, singing, sculpting, acting, building etc.);

... and that's about it!

What if you don't have the time or skill to do any of that? Does that mean you shouldn't express yourself?

Photo by Jake Young / Unsplash

Every single one of us has dozens of valuable stories, learnings, ideas and feelings and most of them die with us. I think that a better world is one where we all discover each other as much as possible.

Right now we only learn from professionals, and only share our vibes inside closed groups and apps.

What if it was possible to tell someone a story through dialogue (like you do with close friends or therapists) and you'd instantly get a website that paints what you described, with the help of Artificial Intelligence?

What tools are available today that get close to that? Well I did some research, and I've learned that there's no single solution for that, no company is working towards solving this problem.

So I tested all of the decent website building platforms that I could get my hands on, and all of them are stuck in the same old thinking:

  • they assume the user can think like a designer, to arrange things nicely on the page;
  • they assume the user can think like a marketing guru, to write the write words, in the right places, and to consider SEO principles;
  • they assume the user has the time to build a website, block by block, or the money to hire someone for that;

Why do we keep training people to use tools, rather than train our tools to use people? Changing the way a software works is way easier than changing a person's habits and skills.

Let's take a step back and ask ourselves:

Okay, so what would the ideal solution look like?

We at messBusters have set out to do just that, and we think that the easiest way for the user to get the knowledge our from a person's head and out on the internet is by having a casual 10-minute chat with an intelligent bot such as Alexa or Siri that has the sole purpose of extracting useful information from the user, including photos and videos (nowadays, many of us take at least 5-10 photos per day).

You might say: "What about social media?", but on social media you only share very small snippets of the whole story. It is not a place for storytelling.

Right now, very few people actually take the time to blog, let alone to create and maintain websites. It just costs too much time and effort. Only the passionate ones do it.

Imagine having a casual chat on your phone, sending a few photos and instantly getting a rich, beautiful and well-structured website that matches the information you just shared in that conversation. If it took just a few minutes to post a web page out on the internet, would you share more knowledge with your planet neighbours?

Of course, it's always possible that we're wrong and this concept will not stick with people, or is not the right time for it. It's still incredibly valuable for agencies, startups, event managers and other professionals that want to keep focus on their business, instead of losing days or even weeks on building a site. Automation is here to save us.

If you want to get early access to this amazing tool, sign up for early access here: https://zoki.io

Emy Cârlan

Emy Cârlan

Co-founder & CEO of messBusters. Product manager and serial entrepreneur with a burning passion for innovation and success.

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On sharing knowledge
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